Sunday, November 17, 2013

SNAP: Day Seven (LAST DAY)

Well, folks! That was a fast week! My SNAP Challenge is over tomorrow! I have learned a few things this week and I look forward to sharing them soon. 

It's bitter sweet thinking that tomorrow I wont have to count out the cost of each of my meals and to worry about running out of my food supply. In fact, I wont have to worry because I have so much food left over from this week! I made my parents breakfast this morning with my oats (borrowed one of their bananas since I only had one left).  Banana Pancakes!!

I shared some veggie burgers with my parents, and sent my brother with some leftover soup. I ended up throwing all of my leftover vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cabbage, kale), 3 potatoes, and 1/8 of my squash in a blender with spices/ herbs... and came up with this tasty creation. 

My meals today were pretty much the standard. Banana pancakes and peanut butter, veggie burger and soup, apples, pumpkin seeds, and leftover "beanballs" with soup. 

My last SNAP meal for the week. 

How do I have so much leftover!?

What did I have leftover!? Two veggie burgers, 3 beanballs, a whole container of pumpkin soup, 1/3 of my oats, 5 cups of sweet potato veg soup, 1/4 of the flax milk. .. (I can't wait to drink my Almond milk again this week. Only bought the flax milk because it was cheaper than the other non-dairy milks at the co-op I was at. Went for the deals).

After dinner, I totaled my food cost for the day and I was at about $3.00 again. So I went ahead and made myself some more air-popped popcorn for a snack! :) 

Like I said, it's bittersweet being done with my challenge. I had fun experimenting.... stay tuned though! I have comments on my blog posts that I will be responding to, as well as a recap of my experience this week! In the meantime, if you are looking to eat healthy on a budget, check out this website: and It's fun to seeing how other people are eating plant-based on a budget.. and I love the collaborative approach!  

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