Saturday, November 16, 2013

SNAP: Day Five

Wow! The week blows by fast! Day 5 was here and now it's gone! I am moving on to Day 6! Each day I am getting more and more skilled at being resourceful. I actually feel pretty satisfied in terms of hunger. I think it's because I have increased the number of snacks I eat throughout the day. I tend to eat many small meals on a normal day, which helps regulate my energy levels. I am finally mastering that one my SNAP challenge. 

I made a few new dishes today. Definitely, took up a lot more of my time than I would have liked. 


I wanted to do something with sweet potatoes, so I googled it. One of my favorite websites came up with a sweet potato casserole. I looked at a few more recipes on the site and came across a carrot cake oatmeal... and decided that I was going to combine the two recipes. 

Sweet potato and carrot oat casserole

I primarily followed the recipe for the sweet potato casserole, but decided to add 1 shredded carrot to the mix. 

***Modifications I made to my recipe: No chia seeds,  no maple syrup, and I used 1 cup plant-based milk and 1 cup water instead of 2 cups plant-based milk. For my crumble, I just mixed 1 tablespoon peanut butter with 1/4 cup oat flour and crumbled it on the top. 

The total cost was about $0.99 for my version of the dish... plus I made this last for 2 servings! 


I decided to make a similar dish my host family made for me while I was in Spain many years ago. My host mom would always make the most delicious vegetable soups by just boiling vegetables and throwing them into the blender. The great thing about these soups is there is MORE THAN JUST ONE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT!

Carrot Ginger Soup: (1-2 servings)
5 carrots
1 sweet potato 
ginger (fresh or powdered) 

*boil the carrots and sweet potato and then throw them in the blender. Might as well use the water you boiled them in so you can save the vitamins that leached into the water while boiling. Add the kale and add the ginger to taste. If you need more water, add it. Blend until desired consistency. 

The total soup cost me about $0.75 

I served my bowl of soup with a left over veggie burger ($0.15) and kale chips. 


Well, dinner was interesting and I am curious to see how it will taste a day after sitting in the fridge. My dad thought it tasted like chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken and the noodles). I was trying to make one of my favorite creamy, "cheesy" tofu soups... but didn't have enough tofu to make the soup right. So I just started mixing and matching.. and made a mock "chicken noodle soup" What was in it? 

1/2 block of tofu (blended with water)
1/8 of a large cabbage
1/4 zucchini
1 cup of cooked lentils
leftover soup from above
1/4 cup oat milk** 
onion powder
salt and papper 

I wish I could have added miso and/or nutritional yeast to it. I may have been able to budget for those items if I had been doing the SNAP challenge with more than just myself and if I was doing this for more than one week. A larger budget would have allowed for more variety in food choices. 

 And yes, I used oat milk in this recipe. I wanted to add more calories and to make it a bit more creamy. I couldn't taste the oaty-ness in the dish since the spices covered it up. So if you are looking for a cheap milk alternative, try oat milk. Here is a sweet recipe, I just mixed the oats with water in my version. 

My soup recipe was about $2 and I still have half of it left! 

Snacks were definitely what helped me get through the day!  I made myself some pumpkin pie "fro yo" again. Grazed on pumpkin seeds. Munched on an apple and peanut butter. And enjoyed a nice big bowl of popcorn again! 

My total food cost was still under $3.50 for the whole day! 
... and I actually think I went to bed not feeling deprived of nourishment

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