Monday, December 8, 2014

Vision Trip back to Haiti

Hi Friends,
I am doing a fundraiser with ViBella-- an organization in Haiti that employs women to make jewelry. I had the opportunity to visit ViBella's organization back in 2013 when I was living in Haiti. It was wonderful to meet the ladies that make the jewelry and to see the facility where they work. I was impressed with ViBella's organization not only because of what they are doing to give-back to the community, but also because many of their pieces are also made out of recycled goods, such as plastic and cardboard.
I am planning to use the money raised from the fundraiser to help cover travel expenses for an upcoming vision trip to Haiti. I am hoping to get back to Haiti in January or February to visit a few organizations that are currently working on sustainability projects-- like reforestation, compositing, and gardening. I have been asked to help implement a health and wellness summer program at the orphanage where I used to live. We would like the children to learn about sustainability, nutrition, and alternative health/ wellness practice--- we have potential plans to take them to an eco-food forest for a hands-on field-trip to learn about the environment, conservation, and plant-based lifestyle. I am really excited about all the ideas that are currently being generated around our summer program--- and can't wait to share more in the coming months!
Anyways, if you are looking to give a gift that gives back this Holiday season---  check out the ViBella store. If you decide to purchase something and you'd like to contribute to my online fundraiser use:
**Enter Party # 428 at check-out! 
To learn more about ViBella, check-out this video:
These are a couple of my favorite pieces from ViBella! The feather earrings are awesome!! :)
Thanks for all the support!

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