Thursday, November 22, 2012



Today I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve in one of the poorest countries in the world, and to serve along side some wonderful, volunteer missionaires and employed Haitian staff to work towards enhancing the lives of those living in extreme poverty. I love working with the staff to help them prepare well-balanced meals on a budget!

 We are currently working on incorporating more produce and beans in the meals.. And doing so by using some creative, vegetarian based recipes. This week we prepared "mock" joes.. Sloppy joes prepared with beans! The meal was a success even though it ended up being the default of a recipe gone wrong. We were going to make an avocado and bean sandwhich, but realized majority of the avocados were spoiled when we started to prepare the we got creative and added tomato paste, water, Italian seasons, garlic.. Mixed it with the beans and avocado... And tossed it on a bun! The fact that kids came for seconds indicated to me that it was well receptive. when asked if they liked the meal, the kids shouted, "yes!!!" Looks like we will be doing this again...kid tested and approved!! This is the fun part of my job... And stressful. Looking and researching for new recipiecs to try with the resources available to us is the fun part. The stressful part is not knowing how these kids will react to the meal. I am always nervous that they are going to hate it... But love love love when I get responses of joy and kids telling me they want it again. I would be curious to see how the kids would react now if we were to serve the meals provided prior to the menu changes.... 

Another activity I have been working on this week is enhancing the work and production of the kitchen so that we can function even stronger as a feeding center. I am working on a mission statement for our kitchen, as well as new job descriptions and chains of commands to help the planning, purchasing,and production of the meals to be more precise ...further improving tighter control over inventory and budget... And enhancing our ability to do more good with the resources we have!! 

Happy thanksgiving from Haiti!!
Thank you for all the continued support!!!

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