Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinto Burger Experiment

  Saturday October 27, 2012 

Finally!!!! A sunny day here in Haiti!! The sun is just starting to rise!!!!  I am excited that the rain has passed and that it will be a dry day here. 

The staff is getting really good about the menu. Today, we were unable to follow the set menu I had created several weeks ago, so they improvised with what was in storage. Hard boiled eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, milk, and avocado. Nice and balanced!!! The staff is busy preparing lunch already (it's 10 am here) and I am experimenting with a few ingredients to use for dinner. We are going to attempt veggie burgers but do not have ble (bulgar)Ad enough black beans (like we used last time I was here). I am experimenting with potatoes and pinto beans, as well at pitimi and pinto beans. After creating the burgers, I did a taste test with the several of the kids and staff. The results, they liked it. Looks like dinner tonight will be pinto burgers!!

While the staff prepared lunch, the kids were busy helping our doctor, nurse, and the mission team with the elderly who came for a medical checkup. It was great to see our kids working to serve the elderly in our community. Some of the kids assisted in preparing peanut butter sandwiches and juice, others helped to escort them around the grace village complex. It was great to see them helping and serving. 

Lunch was a black bean soup with plantains, potatoes, and carrots. We need to work on increasing the carrots in the dish..but overall, it's a good meal. Right after lunch, one of the night cooks started preparing the pinto burgers. I assisted her in the cooking and together we made well over 70 burgers by 5pm. We also cut up some oranges to add some fruit (and vitamin C) to the meal. 

When the kids came into the kitchen, some of them were skeptical about the burgers. One kid told me he didn't like it... Even though he didn't try it yet. I told him he better try it before he says he doesn't like it. I had the translator tell all the kids about the burger, and they ate!! All the kids liked the burgers.. Many of them told me they wanted them again!! The little boy that told me he didn't like it, ended up likening it... I knew he would!! After the kids finished eating the pinto burgers, I asked the translator to ask the kids if they liked it and everyone shouted.. "YES!!!!!" Well, my work was done in the kitchen for the night. The kids were satisfied, and for the most part, they were getting more nutrition than evening meals prior to me arrival in September. The pinto burgers were mainly just pinto beans mashed into patties, so they were nutritiously compact with protein and fiber. We added a little mashed potato, some chopped onion, and seasoning... And of course,  ketchup. I don't blame them. I like ketchup on my veggie burgers too!! I was hoping we could use avocado, but apparently we were out. Next time!!!

Looks like we might be having pinto burgers again soon... Probably tomorrow night since we don't have enough eggs to get us through Monday. Hey, at least the kids will be getting a pretty nutritious meal again. I will take pinto bean burgers over flour oatmeal any night... And I am sure these kids will to. (One kid cried to me last night about the cornmeal oatmeal not going to fill him up... And tonight, he smiled at me and told me this was good.) The kids' satisfaction with the meals is important to me... And knowing that they are getting enough of the nutritiously dense foods is important to me too.  

Our board from today!!!

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