Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Imagine a world full of abundance... not material abundance, but spiritual abundance. Imagine a world where people don't long for things, they long for community, relationship, wisdom, knowledge, and enduring love. Imagine a world where children are given an opportunity to rise above their circumstance and to grow into future leaders of the world. Imagine a world without hunger... spiritual and physical hunger. Imagine a world of support and encouragement..where people long to build each other up rather than bring each other down. Imagine a world where people realize their bodies are just vessels... vessels with a purpose. 

Just Imagine... and start doing. 

It has been a very busy 4.5 weeks in Haiti.... and I figured it was due-time to update my blog. I couldn't manage to find the right words to sum-up these past few weeks. As  I was reflecting on some of the experiences I have been through, I came across the words italicized above in my Haiti journal. I had written these words on the very first page of my journal several months ago when I had decided to start keeping some personal documentation of my life experiences. The words on the page really strung a chord with me, brought me back to a place of confidence, trust, and peace. There are so many anxiety provoking and uncontrolling factors in many unpredictables...unexpected events/situations. Through all circumstances, events, emotions...highs and lows, I am learning that I need to come back to a place of peace to grasp control of the only one thing I have control over... my actions/ reactions to everything that comes my way. 

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