Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Planting Seeds in the Hearts of Our Youth

My dear friend, Maggie, is a 5th grade teacher in Nebraska. This year, the school Maggie teaches at is  doing a campaign for the people in Haiti. Upon watching a video about the children in Haiti, Maggie's classroom of students were moved by the stories and the pictures; they wanted to do something more. Maggie told them about me and how I have been there. She called me to tell me about what had happened amongst the children in her classroom. I told Maggie I was going to Haiti again soon and that if her classroom wanted to do a project for the kids in Haiti, I would be able to bring it down with me. We plotted and planned for a few months and decided that letters and pictures would be a great start to connecting the children in Nebraska with the kids in Haiti. While writing the letters to the children in Haiti, Maggie sent me an e-mail with a whole list of questions her fifth graders had about Haiti and the children in Haiti. Questions they had for me included: Can the kids in Haiti read/write in English?; How much money in US dollars is two Haitian dollars?; Do you need any donations when you go to Haiti?; Can my students come with you when you go to Haiti? ... Such egger hearts to learn and help the lives living in a third world country. A few days after the e-mail encounters, a package arrived at my door. The box was filled with some school supplies and letters from the classroom of fifth graders in Nebraska! I read through the letters... laughed at some, smiled at others, and teared up with joy for all of them. I had asked Maggie to have her kids write about winter and either what they like to do in winter or describing what snow is. Many of the kids drew pictures of snowman and snowflakes, as well as described what their favorite activities were. What blew my mind the most about these letters was the fact that many went above and beyond the calling to write cute little letters about snow, skating and snowball fights. The fifth grade children wrote things in their letters like "we are praying for you" ... "we are helping you out a lot." .. "remember we love and pray for you." ..."As much as I can, I will donate many things. I will pray for you always!!"... "keep praying to God. You're in my prayers"... "Love you guys".. "I wish I could meet you one day!" ... "Every night, I never forget to pray for you guys, I am not lying." .. and one of my favorites, " I love the snow, and if I could I would bring some to you. I pray for you every night and I hope when I am older I can come bring supplies, food, and clean water to you!" ... It just blows my mind how wonderful these kids are! I am so blessed that Maggie has shared with her students the impact they can have on the world; she has planted many seeds in the hearts of her children, and it makes me so proud to call her my friend. What an amazing teacher and inspiration for these children! The experience they are having learning about Haiti and interacting with the kids in Haiti will probably be one that they don't forget... I pray that God will continue to nourish these young hearts. 

Above are two of the pictures from the kids in Nebraska!! So cute! :) 

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